We hope that our website will give you a taste of what life is like at our lovely Pre School.  Our aim is to provide a happy, secure, caring and stimulating environment for our children where they can learn through play and reach their full potential. 

We are a community-run pre-school owned and run by a management committee made up of parents and carers. This empowers the parents or carers to have a real role in their child's education. 

Our pedagogy/ethos

"Children are poweful learners, every child can make progress in their learning with the right support"

We follow each child's lead in play, following their unique physical, emotional, learning and development needs by; listening to others, observing them and playing alongside them scaffolding their play and development as needed. We offer an enabling environment for high quality play, offering provocation alongside a variety of resources, some continual; wooden blocks, art trolley, home corner, book area. 

We are a 'Pre-school family' offering the love, care and support to each individual child and their family.

Our pre-school at Charlton's Old Schoolroom


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Key Information

Term times, curriculum, policies, fees and other essential information about our pre-school.

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Forest School

We love being outside and our weekly Forest School sessions enable the children to experience nature first hand

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Play and learn every day!

We are based in the Old School Room in Charlton where we have the benefit of a large outside space including large grassed areas, paved areas for riding trikes, a mud kitchen area and a large planting area where we grow vegetables and flowers.  We like to spend as much time as possible outside and have a Forest school session on Wednesdays during most of the year.

What our parents say:

It's such a beautiful pre-school with wonderful teachers that give so much love and care! 

You have gone the extra mile at every opportunity building her self confidence...and generally providing a fun and caring place for her to grow and learn, I am forever grateful. 

Thankyou all for the incredible job you have done this year in keeping preschool open, safe for us all and lots of fun for the girls. 

It has been wonderful watching him flourish and grow - he wouldn't be where he is without you, you've done an amazing job.

Thankyou for everything you have done... you've played a huge part in his early years and we appreciate everything you do! 

What our children say:

I love you and thankyou for looking after us everyday at preschool. 

Thankyou for playing with me.

The teachers give us lovely snack.

The mud kitchen... we get to play mud in it!

The best thing is...painting a rainbow.