Every Wednesday for most of the year, we visit the Forest School site at Cropthorne with Charlton First School. The site has a base camp / seating area, log cabin, digging pit and tool area, as well as lots of trees, bushes and areas to explore. We aim to continue to develop it to suit the needs of our children. In inclement weather we can carry on our session in the large log cabin. We have our snack and lunch in the Forest School area.

Forest Schools have demonstrated success with children of all ages and abilities; it gives the children the opportunity to learn about the nautral environment, how to handle risks and most importantly, solve problems and work with others. All activities are child-led, encouraging them to be creative as well as independent.

We provide good quality waterproof clothing which we lend to you for your child's time at pre-school. 

Karen is our Forest School leader and with her other hat on, she works as a Forest School leader at Cropthorne First School giving the children continuity when they start there.